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Good news bikers… The Confederate P51 Combat Fighter has been revealed, and it looks incredible! The bad news however is that they are only building 61 of them, and they cost £72,000 a piece.  Whilst you may not be in a position to ever own one of these beauties they make for some excellent eye candy and they are also sure to make quite the noise, as the bike has a 21633cc V Twin engine that is supposedly capable of 200bhp.

This News may not be of much use to you but we were one Seat Altea article away from BuyYourBike being a straight up car website! We also have a picture for you to enjoy!



By the way, if you are interested in the SEAT Altea, it’s being dropped! So if you want one it will have to be a second hand SEAT Altea I’m afraid. We’re full of interesting news today aren’t we!

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After our last piece on those Peugeot concepts there has been another one making its way onto our radar. The latest one gets the name of the Fractal, and it is a further evidence of a new aggressive direction for Peugeot in the near future most likely with the 3008 crossover which is due next year. They looked like they have  been dreamed up by a teenager who has spent the whole day playing Need for Speed and watching the Fast and Furious series, and honestly, I love it. This Fractal is a black and white model which again takes on  the electric theme and is being described as an electric urban coupe, and it is hard to grasp that the same company made the stunning Fractal are the same company that made the eyesore that is the Peugeot 1007.

I wont comment too much on the look of the Fractal however, as there pictures are much better at doing that. What makes the Fractal interesting is its focus on sound tech, with Peugeot attempting to cut down road noise whilst simultaneously improving the cars cabin audio. This isn’t just a case of sticking a Bose logo on your speaker, no, Peugeot have gone much deeper than that. Inside the cabin you will notice and abundance of weird looking protruding foamy materials, which I’m guessing are akin to what you would find in a music studio to help acoustics, which is exactly what it is for in the Fractal. Basically these materials will absorb any unwanted ricochets of sound, making the overall sound much more crisp. Furthermore they have used mathematical equations in order to shape the door sills in a way that will trap and limit the amount of noise that gets in to the cabin from the outside world.  The Fractal is expected to make an appearance at the Frankfurt motor show later this month, I wish I could be there to see it! But I’ll be in England, in the rain, wishing my second hand Saab 9-3 was an Aston Martin._n8a9935

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Peugeot have seen the future, and it looks good! The manufacturer has given autoexpress access to two new models  which are pretty much concepts, yet they are concepts with a twist in that they actually work and are just there to give you something to stare at. In other words these cars aren’t just a pretty face. The two cars are the Quartz SUV and the Exalt saloon, and both are immediately striking, particularly the Quartz which looks like it’s been brought to life from the pages of a Japanese anime. It looks extremely aggressive, futuristic, sleek and powerful and whilst we aren’t predominantly a car site we felt we had to show these gems.



Both of them use Hybrid technology which compliments a tweaked version of the Peugeot RCZ’s 1.6-litre turbo engine. The Quartz pictured above could be a sign of what to expect from the second hand Peugeot 3008 and Peugeot 2008 which make up the brands current SUV range. The other car Autoexpress had the pleasure of driving was the Exalt which is probably my favourite. It looks like it could be from the future, yet it is also nostelgic, like it could have been on nightrider or something, especially from the back.



It’s definitely worth heading over to Autoexpress and having a look at all the pictures, the interior looks incredible! Lets hops something similar will be on show in future Peugeots.